Brake Service Costs

Brake service cost iconMaintaining your car for all types of services including oil changes, repairs as well as the brake service cost can be pricey. It is important to get all the help you can to lower your vehicle maintenance expenses. This site will provide you with some useful tips to help control your car maintenance and lower the costs involved. You will also find some brake service coupons to help keep expenses low.

Have you ever seen those TV commercials claiming that the service departments of car dealerships have the best vehicle service? They say that they know your car best and have certified technicians that use only original parts. That great servicing comes at a cost. For example a typical brake service cost can be anywhere from$75 to $95 charged for each hour.

Brake service cost

Lower your brake service costs

But in most cases, brake servicing and other repairs can be done for much less. And that does not mean that the quality is any lower. If you look around you are sure to find a local independent garage that employs mechanics that have ASE certification. The rate is usually much lower, about $40-50 an hour. That’s roughly half the price asked by the car dealers.

Try talking to friends and people in your neighbourhood to get recommendations for a good local garage. Sometimes it helps to know which mechanics are the most savvy and qualified. Especially pay attention when the same garage is mentioned by several times by different people.

The next step is to actually go to the top recommended garages. It’s best to try and talk directly with the garage owner if possible. Inquire about the hourly rate and how much the total brake service cost would be.

Make sure you ask if they charge based on a “straight hourly” or “book” rate. The difference is that the straight rate is simply the amount of time the mechanic really spends on your vehicle. The book rate means that you will be charged a fixed amount for the job based on a predetermined price.

Sample brake service estimate

Take a typical brake job, for example. It might take your mechanic one hour to install new brake pads on a car. Based on a $50 per hour straight rate, the brake service cost will be $50 + price of new brake pads. On the other hand, the book rate may indicate that it usually takes 90 minutes to complete the brake job. You would be charged $75 for service + price of new brake pads.

So, with the book rate example, if the mechanic only needs one hour to change the brake pads, you will still be charged for 90 minutes of labor. In most cases the garage will benefit more than the client under the book rate system.

When asking about the method used for charging for labor, if the owner seems unwilling to give you a straight answer then it might be an idea to look elsewhere. Of course, there are many other factors that are important to determine a suitable garage that will help you lower your brake service cost. Be sure to enquire about ASE certification and licensing of mechanics as well. Take a look to see if things seem orderly and well run in the garage area. If the shop looks neat and efficient then that is a good indicator of how the garage operates.

In many cases there will be a mark-up on the price for parts needed in car maintenance and repairs. It is normal practice to buy auto parts wholesale and then increase the price listed to the customer. If you are lucky you might find a garage that lets you to provide the replacement parts used on your car. Then you just have to pay the service cost for installation.

Separate the costs

It may be advantageous to obtain a quote for the parts and labor separately before getting your vehicle serviced. Then you can check the price of the parts listed at retail auto parts stores such as NAPA or AutoZone. It is especially easy to look online and find the prices.

If you want to lower your brake service cost, then take time to enquire about the local garages. It will really be worthwhile to develop good relationships with the owner and mechanics in an independent shop. Finding a good quality garage and trustworthy mechanic can really pay off in the long run. You can also check out this page to understand other factors involved in calculating a brake service repair estimate.